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Moving to or from Sydney? Let us help you with your interstate removal between Sydney and Tasmania!

Furniture Removals of Tasmania make moving to or from Sydney a hassle-free experience. We work throughout Sydney suburbs and will move your belongings interstate between New South Wales and Tasmania with ease.

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How Do Our Sydney Movers Work?

Furniture Removals of Tasmania are a door to door service, which means the same people who load your items into our truck are the same ones who deliver it.

If needed, we can package your fragile items with our specialist packing service so that they are kept safe and secure while in transit. We transport large, bulky items or complete house lots at a competitive price. You can get a quote easily and quickly by using our Quote Calculator and if you have any questions please give us a call on 0412 257 247.

We’re a friendly team who offer great service, are efficient and will get you moved quickly.

Why Us?

Furniture Removals of Tasmania are interstate removalist specialists. Our removalists are friendly professionals who take care of your furniture and special items. We’re a reliable team who make sure your possessions arrive at the right destination.
We make moving easy, efficient and hassle free and will go the extra mile for our customers.

Can’t thank Nick from Furniture Removals of Tasmania enough! All our belongings have arrived safe and sound, ready to unpack when we get out keys and he even made sure he could book me in to his next trip to Sydney when I miscalculated how many cubic metres of stuff I own! Highly recommend him for any interstate move!

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